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2 Homes Raided By SWAT Team Investigating Child Porn, Drug Charges


Franklin County Sheriff’s Investigators pulled out multiple computers from a home near Grove City on Thursday. They were looking for child pornography.

Detectives say somebody in the home uploaded multiple pornographic pictures and videos onto the internet and sent it to other people.

None of the three men detained by detectives are criminally charged yet, and 10TV is not identifying them at this point.

Detectives say it may be days before they know for certain which of the three men spread child pornography on the computers.

“That's really, really disturbing, honestly. I would have never imagined,” said Lisa Eamon, next door neighbor.

Undercover Franklin County Sheriff's Detectives find child pornography by going onto multiple websites and downloading pictures and video of children. Then, they trace it back the internet address where it came from.

The SWAT team says the latest raid was a challenging operation.

Not only did they have to go up a winding country road, but they also had abandoned buildings littered all over the property that anybody could hide in.

Detectives with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force called SWAT deputies for help believing there were guns in the home.

Deputies have not announced whether any guns were found.

10 Investigates continues to follow the case and will update this story once criminal charges are filed.

At another location near Weber and I-71, detectives tracked down a man accused of trafficking large amounts of heroin.

10 Investigates is following both of these raids and will have additional information Thursday evening on 10TV News and online at