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Kidnapped girl from West Plains ended up in Ohio


WEST PLAINS, Mo. - A man from Minerva, Ohio, is accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl from West Plains who disappeared on March 11.  Minerva Police arrested Eric Shotwell, 41, at his home on Thursday, and found the girl with him.  Shotwell is charged in Ohio with kidnapping, assault, and two counts of rape.
Minerva police say investigators found the girl met Shotwell online through a "Say Hi" smartphone app. Minerva police believe they talked online for a couple of months before Shotwell came to West Plains to meet her and take her back to his home.  Investigators think they arrived in Minerva on Sunday.
West Plains Police Detective Bryan Brauer says, "The bottom line, you just have to watch your children and see what they're doing now in these apps, because that's what most of these stem from; how they make contact, through the internet, online chat rooms and apps."