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Bellevue man convicted of child porn charges


A jury convicted a Bellevue sex offender on Friday of taking nude photos of a 16-year-old Ohio girl and posting photos her on the Internet.

Christopher Brackett, 37, met the high school sophomore while playing online video games. He drove from Bellevue to a Canton, Ohio, hotel twice, in June and August 2013, to have sex with the girl. He took home with him nude photos of the girl’s private parts.

Back in Bellevue, Brackett coerced the young lady to send him photos and a video of her engaging in oral sex with another minor.

The minor told Brackett that she wanted to end their relationship. Brackett responded by threatening to send the nude photos he had to her parents and her school. At a later date, Brackett posted nine Craigslist advertisements in the Canton area between Aug. 23, 2013, and Sept. 17, 2013. The ads said the girl was looking for men to have sex with and included nude photos of the girl, her real address and phone number. He also threatened to post photos of her on two porn websites.

The girl and her mother reported Brackett to police. In September 2013, police executed a search warrant at Brackett’s home and took his iPhone, which had been wiped clean. At a later date, police seized Brackett’s new iPhone, which had nude images of the girl.

The trial began Tuesday and wrapped up Friday. The jury found Brackett guilty of transporting child pornography, manufacturing or producing child pornography and possessing child pornography. Brackett will be sentenced at a later date.

Before this incident, Brackett had already been a registered sex offender. In September 2003, he pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor in Iowa.