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Masood Laster

Cleveland Heights, OH
Trial Date:
Disposition Date:
11 counts of Pandering Sexually-Oriented Matter Involving a Minor; one count of Possessing Criminal Tools
Laster was sentenced to one year in prison and will be required to be register as a tier III sexual offender. Laster was also found to be a probation violator in case number 516766-08-CR.
Charge Detail:
An initial investigation of an IP address involving child pornography was found to be registered with Laster as the subscriber. A search warrant was executed on December 13, 2013. Evidence seized found Laster to be in possession of child pornography.

Laster was indicted subsequent to a 2008 ICAC investigation relating to the downloading and sharing of Child Pornography. Laster was convicted and sentenced to 4 years in jail for his previous offense, but served close to one year in jail before he was released. Laster was labeled a tier II sex offender. 
Case Number:
Donnelly, Michael P.